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When it comes to power supply , reliable power solutions come in the first place GOLDEN MAJD COMPANY.

Puts it's decades of experience in the electro-mechanical field at your reach to keep you going.


GOLDEN MAJD COMPANY  The leader in distributing generating sets with capacity starting from 5 Kva up to 2000 Kva  attending requirements of consultants, contractors, and end users.

Extensive inspection & testing on (Micro Processor Controlled Load Bank)

For all generating sets prior to dispatch, to assure proper function under full load conditions and adherence to customer requirements.


GOLDEN MAJD COMPANY  immovates   many designs for packaging such as, weatherproof, sound proof for sensitive environments & containerizing sets.

The manufacturing of canopies consists of five stages:

1-      Design of non – standard items.

2-      Tailoring which include cutting, bending & punching of high quality steel sheets.

3-       Assembly of partial components.

4-      Final assembly & painting

5-      Inspection & testing.