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When it comes to power supply , reliable power solutions come in the first place GOLDEN MAJD COMPANY.

Puts it's decades of experience in the electro-mechanical field at your reach to keep you going.

  • Board of Directors of the company:

The responsibility will be to take decisions ,and studying the works submitted to the company


  • Section of the administrative and financial:

The duties of this section is to regulate the administrative work of personnel in the company, of the accounts of the company's financial

  • Legal Section:

This section is concerned with matters of legal and business organization of the contracts allocated to the company, and pursue the development for the company's government departments and private contracts under the supervision of legal staff .

  • Computer Section:

The duties of this section is to regulate the business of the Company for all divisions (technical, administrative, financial) with a modern and professional look for records and information by computer in addition the management of the company site via the Internet .

  • Technical Section:

Is one of the most important departments in the company determine where the technical specifications of the machinery and equipment and the statement of opinion of her, taking into consideration the standard conditions and climate of Iraq in their work and efficiency based on international quality tests under the supervision of engineers with high technical expertise.

  • Maintenance Section:

This department is concerned the maintenance of machinery and equipment supplied by the company to the public and private sectors within and outside the maintenance period with the provision of spare parts under the supervision of trained engineers from the manufacturers.